How This Mess Got Started

Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.  If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

The Globalist Elite has been planning their New World Order fascist police state for centuries.

It all started when the Rothschild’s conned a broke King of England centuries ago to charter the Bank of England as their own private little printing press. They have been lying and stealing and bribing and committing genocide and raping and pillaging the nations of the world ever since, using this as a blueprint and the source of their power.

The Federal Reserve is thus a Johnny come lately to this scam, but is now the most important component of it. It is the world’s greatest counterfeiting scheme and the basis of the elite’s power.

The Rothchilds weren’t a bit pleased with the American Revolution. That little bright light of freedom set them back almost 200 years in their schemes.

Andrew Jackson defeated an early scheme by these banksters to take power. In his veto message, quoted from Wikipedia, Jackson stated, the bank needed to be abolished because:

  • It concentrated the nation’s financial strength in a single institution.
  • It exposed the government to control by foreign interests.
  • It served mainly to make the rich richer.
  • It exercised too much control over members of Congress.
  • It favored northeastern states over southern and western states.
  • Banks are controlled by a few select families.
  • Banks have a long history of instigating wars between nations, forcing them to borrow funding to pay for them.

Following Jefferson, Jackson supported an “agricultural republic” and felt the Bank improved the fortunes of an “elite circle” of commercial and industrial entrepreneurs at the expense of farmers and laborers. After a titanic struggle, Jackson succeeded in destroying the Bank by vetoing its 1832 re-charter by Congress and by withdrawing U.S. funds in 1833.

That settled the matter, until these same banksters instigated the Civil War!

Anyway, to make a long story short, the most SHATTERING watershed event ever to happen to the United States was it’s Civil War in the mid part of the 19th Century. There is NO EVENT in our nation’s history that has been SO DISTORTED in what should more rightly be called “The War of Northern Aggression.”

That WAR was TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and Abraham Lincoln was a scoundrel and opportunistic FRAUD foisted upon our nation by these same International Banksters who were even then seeking to take over the world! I realize that this is a BIG STATEMENT, but if you add up the FACTS you can reach no other conclusion! I will elaborate on these facts in more detail as I ferret them out, but the important thing today is that we understand who is who and what is what and get to the FACTS that have been buried under over a century and a half of lies and misdirection.

In this brief blog post I can only scratch the surface, and it is absolutely important that you listen to at least the first few parts of the Whores series so that you can understand just who and what the Globalists are, what prophecy has to say about them, and how their imminent destruction is going to pull our peoples down to ruin.

Now, for the first part of lifting almost two centuries of LIES, let’s finally start pulling back this veil of lies RIGHT NOW.

The most important thing is to get our terminology straight, rather than carelessly take for granted these old lies.

FIRST, you need to understand that Satan and his bankster minions LIED about who is who in this conflict! They have falsely accused the Southern side of this War of Northern Aggression the “rebels,” when, in actual fact, it was the NORTH that was REBELLING AGAINST THE TRUE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE REPUBLIC IT ESTABLSHED!

This is the first and most important fact that you need to get straight in your head before you can understand just WHO the Bible is referring to as the “rebels” in prophecy.

Let me make this plain. The Southern States had every constitutional right to secede from the Union at any time they pleased. It was the STATES that formed the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS SOVEREIGN ENTITIES, and not the other way around. Therefore, since they joined the Union as independent sovereign states they had every right to leave! Because it is the states that are sovereign and the Federal Government only has sovereignty that is given to it by those states. This is laid out in the 10th Amendment and the Declaration of Independent.

I am pretty certain now that the “election” of Lincoln was a fraud. His immediate predecessor understood this fact because HE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STOP THE SECESSION OF THE SOUTHERN STATES BECAUSE HE KNEW FULL WELL THAT THEY WERE WELL WITHIN THEIR RIGHTS TO DO SO!

But, you see, the European Banksters had been looking for a way to subvert our upstart country from the start, and they had now found their way in the tyrant Lincoln and his fraudulent successors.

HOW can I make a statement so bold as the above? If you follow what they DID instead of what they SAID, you begin to smell major rats, because this is the point where the Banksters swooped in and took over the government, while pretending that the constitutional order was still in force.

They took over FIRST an entity called “the Corporate United States,” which is styled as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the headquarters of which is Washington, DC. In fact, originally, this corporation ONLY HAD POWER OVER THAT SMALL DISTRICT, which was done as an administrative convenience for the nation’s capitol.

In this District, the Corporation reigns supreme. The original Congress acted as both the Congress of the Republican government, but it also functioned as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR THIS CORPORATION. The President of the Republic was also and at the same time the President of the Corporation. The Courts of the Republic were also empowered as the Admiralty Law Private Courts of this same corporation, which in this capacity could rule according to either the common law in their original function, or as the private “law” courts of the Corporation with their PRIVATE STATUTORY LAW. UNLESS, you lived in the District of Columbia, or one of the “territories of the UNITED STATES,” then, you were not subject to this private set of laws set out by this corporation, but were governed by the Common Law and the laws of your state.

This was the barrier the banksters had to break down if they were going to turn a Free Republic into a fascist dictatorship. And Lincoln’s acts which were ILLEGAL and unconstitutional in the Republic were permissible under the charter of the Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This, by the way, is where Presidents get their power to issue Executive Orders, because, under the charter of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the President can issue any private orders of the corporation that he so chooses, unless the Board of Directors [Congress] or the Courts of this corporation find a reason to object.

Lincoln, for example, had no power whatsoever to issue his “Emancipation Proclamation” under the Constitutional Republic, as only the STATES had the power to grant “citizenship,” as all citizenship then, except for those born in DC or another “territory of the UNITED STATES”, who then had the “citizenship” granted by this corporation.

So, what Lincoln did, inspired by his bankster buddies, was “pass” the “14th Amendment to the Constitution,” which was NOT legally ratified in the organic, original Constitution, but, rather, was amended to the parallel corporate charter of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA instead and the public has been allowed ever since to confuse the two very different documents as it suits the bankster’s purposes to do so in the creation of their Nazi Police state.

I hope you are following me, as this is the CRUX ISSUE on how the “rebels” overthrew the ORIGINAL REPUBLIC and replaced it with a fraud and a counterfeit.

We must ever bear in mind that the main tools of Satan and his agents are lies, deception, and misdirection, and the older the lies and misdirection, the harder it is to get at the facts. In fact, it is ONLY THROUGH THE POWER OF GOD upon my mind that this has been revealed to me and now clarified.

Even after the War of Northern Aggression, whose real purpose was to establish by force the primacy of the Corporate UNITED STATES over the now subjugated states, Satan’s minions knew that they had to tread carefully and not be too blatant in their actions. They knew that if they didn’t move forward by stealth and deception they would lose what the war had gained for them, as even the North would rebel if they knew the truth about what their masters were doing.

So, knowing that they could not openly convey STATE CITIZENSHIP on the freed slaves, as that was a prerogative belonging to each state, they cleverly amended their corporate charter which was masquerading as the original Constitution, with their bogus 14th “Amendment,” which, as some scholars have pointed out was never legally ratified to the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION, but which they had the full power to tack onto their faked Corporate Charter going by the same name.


The first class of people they enticed into this fake “citizenship” were “freed slaves,” who, by this master stroke of Satanic cunning merely exchanged one master for another! In other words, they weren’t “freed” at all, but merely changed their status to being slaves to the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

And, in the ensuing time, MOST STATE CITIZENS HAVE BEEN CONNED INTO GIVING UP THEIR FREE STATUS FOR A SLAVE STATUS by accepting one or more “benefits” from Satan’s corporation, thereby subjecting themselves as slaves to Satan’s creation of supreme wickedness and cunning!

Most people fail to understand the perverted and positively evil way this perverse, wicked system functions. Unlike the real law, the common law, this perverse form of private, admiralty law works under totally different rules. It allows, for instance, the existence of “adhesion contracts” that do not require full disclosure to put you under their power. Such abominations are attached to everything you sign with Satan: birth certificates, marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, etc., etc. Everything you sign with Satan has a hidden meaning or purpose behind it that his minions are not required to disclose.

This is why, for instance, a “judge” can call your “appeal to the Constitution” frivolous. This is because, unknown to you, you have been thrust into a topsy turvy world where everything is the opposite of what you have been brainwashed to believe. You have been made to believe that you live in a “free country” under the rule of law when in reality you are a slave bound by contracts you have signed – but not been informed you were signing, let alone given the opportunity to read and make informed consent.

Under common law this is a criminal act. But, in Satan’s corporate system, it’s just fine with HIM because you are already totally owned by him and you don’t even know about! His alternate universe of evil and perversity pretending to be “law” and justice is, in reality, exactly the opposite.

So, in order to “take your country back,” simply deciding between the two “official choices” you are given won’t work. Neither will voting in their rigged “elections,” which are a much more clever scam than the Soviet Union ever thought of. At least in that slave state, you knew the elections were a sham because you had only ONE CHOICE on the ballot! But in Satan’s far more clever scheme, you are given the ILLUSION of a choice because there are at least two, and sometimes more names on the ballot. But, in most cases, no matter what “choice” you make, you only get MORE OF THE SAME because it’s not really a “choice” at all since both “sides” are actually playing for the same team – TEAM ROTHSCHILD, ILLUMINATI, SATAN, call it what you will, it’s the same group of liars, frauds, murderers, and thieves!

It is this group of fraudsters and criminals who long ago got the King of England to allow them to create the “Bank of England,” which was the model for the scam known as The “Federal Reserve,” which is no more “Federal” than “Federal Express.”

And it is through their manipulation of the money power that they have gained control of most countries of the world, usually through bribes of their worthless confetti they call “money.” All over the world it’s the same scam – money that isn’t real money at all, and isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, which they shovel out by the wheelbarrow full as payoffs, bribes, kick backs, and “rewards” for service to their slave masters in all countries of the world. And they, like the other clueless dupes in the global slave plantation accept this worthless confetti as though it had value!

But, sadly, they aren’t content to just own you and control your life. You see, they can do the math and they know that if the global populace wanted to throw of their chains, they could easily do so because there are so few of them and so many of us. The “useless eaters” make them somewhat nervous – so they have devised clever ways to “cull the herd” and get rid of most of us over time through their GMO “food,” technology that hurts the human body, like microwaves and cell phones, poisoning our water with fluoride to make us docile and controllable [sort of like having a lobotomy without the expensive surgery].

Then there are the fake wars they send their slaves off to, to “fight for their country” when it’s not really THEIR country at all. In the meantime, this is a time of celebration for Satan because he sells guns and ammo to both sides and rakes in huge profits while killing millions more of the useless eaters as a human sacrifice to their father Satan [quite literally]. And you thought Satan would be satisfied with a virgin human sacrifice once a year in the Bohemian Grove? What a foolish and naive slave you are! GET BACK TO WORK AND MAKE MORE CHILDREN TO SACRIFICE IN THE NEXT WAR, YOU IGNORANT DOG!

If you keep on slacking off like this, Satan is going to get angry, raise the retirement age, cut your pension and ration your “medical benefits” just to show you who’s boss!

Or, better yet, he’s going to send your slave job off to China where the slaves are less demanding, more in their place, and will work for 10% of what you will! And, if you dare to complain again, Master will really make you suffer! So shut up, and spread your cheeks for the “airport screener,” you insolent dog before we put you on the “no fly list!”

And don’t even THINK of growing your own garden or taking MMS for your health instead of the poisons he sells you as drugs. DON’T YOU REALIZE HE WANTS YOU TO WORK YOUR LIFE AWAY IN SLAVERY AND THEN DIE BEFORE YOU CAN BECOME A RETIRED AND REALLY USELESS EATER?

Come on now, get with the program already! Soon your present “invisible chains” of wage slavery will turn into real ones, and then you’re gonna find out who’s boss!

Don’t think for yourself, either, because that’s the WORST THING YOU CAN DO, according to him! All free thinking is going to do is get you into trouble! So, when Satan and his shills call something a “paranoid conspiracy theory,” or “communist,” or “terrorist” etc., turn your mind off and avert your eyes because Massa is going to punish you if you even THINK about it!


That’s a good little slave, now. Turn off that horrible internet. We’re going to turn it off for you soon, but until then, only believe what you read in the newspaper or see on TV if you know what’s good for your mental health and your health I general. After all, that rotten internet can make you mentally ill by giving you the “anti authority disorder.” Hey, we’ll even come and take your kids from you if we find out about your extremist views, so shut up already and only say what you are allowed to as printed in the newspaper or parroted by Wolf Blitzer!

And for God’s sake, DON’T BECOME ONE OF THOSE CONSPIRACY BLOGGERS! They aren’t real journalists anyway because they don’t tell the same story as you see on CNN OR FAUX NEWS! Don’t you slaves understand what is true and what isn’t? WHAT WE TELL YOU IN THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA IS THE TRUTH, YOU DOLT, AND EVERYTHING ELSE WHICH MIGHT embarrass Massa is a lie! Why? QUIT ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS! Avert your eyes and say “Yes Massa” or so help me you’re going to end up on a list you don’t want to be on and sent to one of those “re-education centers” we’re preparing for you! And Jesse Ventura’s going to be the first one on the bus! Do you want to be second? Well, BEHAVE THEN! Massa says so!

YOUR QUEEN [or President, Prime Minister, etc.] loves you and is on the job protecting you from all of those monsters out there in the street! You want to be SAAAAAAFFFFFEEEE don’t you? Well then, quit winging about the choice of going through an xray exam or having Rocko probe your private parts. He’s only doing his job to protect you, after all, OR DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE????

Move along now…… Never mind that the facts on 911, JFK, Iraq, Afghanistan, ad nausium don’t add up! There you go thinking for yourself again, I told you to STOP THAT OR IT’S GOING TO GET YOU INTO TROUBLE!

It’s ALWAYS a lone gunman or some “conspiracy nut” who’s endangering YOUR FREEDOM! Hey, the CIA LED that “underwear bomber” onto the plane WITHOUT A PASSPORT for his flight between Holland and the USSA [just YOU try getting on an international flight without a passport and see where that gets YOU], but, never mind, he was a TERRORIST because WE SAY SO and that’s why you have to let Rocko probe your sack because he’s fighting for your freedom – or are you a terrorist? Rocko makes you free, the LA Times tells you to just shut up and take it up your behind!

Stop complaining you unpatriotic, ungrateful piece of trash! Don’t you know “he’s just doing his job” keeping you SAFE because he’s a HERO and you’re a dirty rotten Communist Terrorist jealous of our freedoms? YOU BETTER GULP DOWN SOME FREEDOM FRIES, BUDDY, and then head over to the mall to do your patriotic duty!

And don’t even THINK of asking why the Bin Laden family are close personal friends of the Bush’s, or that Osama worked for the CIA, which was headed by Daddy Bush! THOSE kinds of questions can get you on a real bad list, don’t you know? Just ACCEPT THAT HE’S A TERRORIST AND BLEW UP THOSE BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK BECAUSE WE SAY SO!

Never mind those pesky engineers and architects who say it couldn’t happen that way, or those who heard the controlled demolitions, or the fact that it was a MISSILE that hit the Pentagon that day when we say it was a plane!

It was NOT an inside job, damn it! Now we’re going to stamp our foot and get real angry if you keep up with this line of reasoning. THE FACTS ARE WHAT WE SAY THEY ARE BECAUSE MASSA SAYS SO!

And Obama is NOT a Muslim and he’s at least 25% black so that makes him the “first black president” even though he isn’t eligible because he wasn’t born in this country and wasn’t even a real US citizen but rather an Indonesian or a British citizen and went to a school where you couldn’t attend unless you were a Muslim. Don’t you know he’s the fall guy when we collapse your economy and we hope it starts race riots when he’s kicked out of office AT THE TIME OF OUR CHOOSING when it’s “suddenly discovered” he isn’t qualified for office when, if Congress or the Supreme Court had done their duty BEFORE he took office and declared him ineligible instead of denying each case brought to them for one lame reason after another.

Hey, but he worked for Daddy Bush in the CIA for years, so now he has his reward and his wife gets to go on multi million dollar shopping sprees as part of your reward for following your Massa.

Hey, Massa lies every chance he gets but you better not believe THAT because that would make you a mentally ill “conspiracy nut” who needs re-education in our special summer camps!

And all those coffins meant to be your final resting place? Hey, we moved ’em right after Jessie filmed ’em, so they never existed – got it!

And those coffins were PLASTIC and fake just like that “money” we give you out of helicopters that soon won’t even buy a loaf of bread!

NOW do you understand what a fake and evil world of slavery you live in? And to think you “volunteered” for it all by accepting Satan’s “benefits” and believing his hogwash about how “Lincoln saved the nation.” Those “benefits” are frauds and so was Lincoln [he’s another guy who after a life of failure and mediocrity suddenly became a “success” as “President of the United States,” getting his ugly mug a place on Mt. Rushmore!]. Ever notice, by the way, how that other guy with a thin resume and a desire to be a dictator [NO, NOT BUSH, BUT OBUMMER YOU DOLT] fancies himself as a modern day “honest Abe?”

Isn’t it interesting how those Satan likes get to the top so fast while you work in grinding labor and poverty every day?

But of course, once Satan is finished with one of his shills, a “lone gunman shoots him dead,” or something else nasty happens to him. Once Satan is done using his shills, he throws them away like a used piece of toilet paper and brings up the next candidate on his roll of shame! That’s a lesson you shills for Satan better learn fast BEFORE HE’S DONE WITH YOU and just brings up the next tissue in the roll to be used, abused, and then flushed down the toilet!

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