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Devaluation.. steadily for 100 years!

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The Fed is nothing but a scheme that was always designed to be a huge blood-sucking vampire..
This so-called “independent” entity is supposed to “keep our currency stable,” along with our banking system and the rest of economy.
Yet, since the Federal Reserve’s founding in 1913, (passed by traitorous members of the Congress of the United States in secret, literally in the dark of night), this team of foreign based bankers has repeatedly overstepped their bounds.
In doing so, they have continually sacrificed your currency, your US dollars’ value.
Whatever item that cost $1 in 1913 – when the Fed was “created” (given the control of the United States currency) – now costs over $20.    –   That is a 95% devaluation of YOUR money.
And it’s only going to get worse.
Over the years, the Fed’s well-meaning actions have led to a series of quiet “currency shocks” that have rippled through our economy, starting all the way back in the 1920s. And the worst is coming this year (more on that in a moment).
First let’s take a quick look at the Fed’s impressively bad track record of “keeping our currency stable” over the last century.
Currency Shock #1:
The Fed’s Stunt Back in the 1920’s
Back in the 1920’s, the British pound was king.
The pound was the world’s reserve currency similar to how the dollar is today, only you could redeem pounds for gold.

That’s why French authorities were making trouble for the Brits back in the 20s. At the time, the French threatened to redeem their “credits” (a.k.a. pounds) with the Bank of England and so seriously deplete England’s gold stock.

Of course, this was giving the British pound fits and forcing it to fall.
Again, this was all happening on the other side of the world. But the Fed still managed to get involved.
So, what did the Fed do? They sacrificed our dollar, the almighty US dollar,  to prop up the pound.
The Fed quickly slashed our interest rates and agreed to make U.S. gold available to the French.
Well, you can imagine how the dollar tanked as the Fed cut rates and literally gave away our gold reserves at the same time.
(Keep in mind, back then our money was actually backed by gold.)
That’s just one example of how our Fed loves to sink the US dollar to support European currencies. But these days they sacrifice the US dollar’s value for the stock market.
Let’s fast forward about 60 years…
Currency Shock #2:
Sinking Dollar Causes Market Crash
The “crashing US dollar” is what ultimately caused the 1987 market crash, thanks to the Fed.
At the time, the dollar had been falling since March of 1985. Our currency had been stuck in a steep decline for two years straight. Traders were losing faith in the dollar and many investors were starting to reassess risks.
By the time the crashing dollar started affecting stocks, a new way of trading had just become popular on Wall Street. It was called “computerized trading.” This meant computers monitored stocks, while setting and adjusting stop-loss levels.
The computers triggered the first line of stops, and then automatically it just kept going. It was a vicious cycle. Stop-loss after stop-loss hit.
Suddenly you had a panic on your hands.
When all was said and done, stocks had fallen over 500 points (or just over 22%) on that one day alone! It became known as the “biggest one-day drop in history.”
At the time, everyone naturally blamed this new computerized form of trading. Indeed, the computers played their part. But for the 60 years prior, the Fed had also been undermining our dollar.
The sinking currency cut the legs out from under our stocks. The computers took over from there. It was ugly!
Thanks once again, Federal Reserve!
Currency Shock #3:
The Federal Reserve Bank Becomes the “Lender of Last Resort”
Back on September 23, 1998 the Fed engineered its first bailout based on “systematic risk.” Before that time, no one thought of the Fed as “The lender of last resort”.
I’m sure you know this story. The now infamous $4 billion hedge fund Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) caused the market panic.
This fund was so OVER-leveraged, that they actually controlled over $100 billion through swaps, emerging markets and mortgage-backed securities (MBS).
As fast as the Long Term Capital’s bets went wrong, their assets also shrank from $4 billion to under $500 million in a very short time. In other words they ended up being worth exactly 12 1/2% of what they started out being worth. This was enough to shake up every single asset that LTCM invested in.
So what happened?     –   The Federal Reserve Board orchestrated a massive bailout. Even though it was funded by other banks, bailing out this “too big to fail” hedge fund still caused the dollar to fall like a rock for several months straight.
The Fed’s position as the “lender of last resort” has just grown immensely in the past three years.
From 2007, to present, the Fed has cut interest rates to practically 0% and has poured billions of dollars into the market to buy up toxic (worthless) so-called “assets” all over the place. They’re now even buying up the  treasury bills of the United States. (Which are also “toxic assets”.)
That has already caused its own serious jolts to the buck once again. However, the next shock will be the one that truly unravels the dollar…
The Next Currency Shock IS coming in 2011
Today we live in a day of “currency wars.”
So, what does that exactly mean?
It means that many countries around the world are struggling to get by and recover. So leaders around the world are trying anything and everything that will give them an added advantage over the other countries. The easiest way to do that is to devalue/cheapen the people’s currency.
This makes your exports look less expensive than your competitor’s exports. So more foreign nations buy up your apparently “cheaper goods”, and more money flows into your country.
The government of the United States doesn’t want to be left out, so they can do one of two things to make us look competitive.
They can either devalue or currency or cut wages.
Which one of those do you think the elected officials of our country will impose? If your paycheck starts shrinking, Americans will not only complain – we all will finally revolt.
But very few Americans understand purchasing power. Most people don’t realize that every time the dollar falls 50%, your real cost of living goes up AT LEAST 100%!!!
When the purchasing power of the dollar falls 75%, your cost of living goes up 300%.
So politicians (the so-called “independent” Fed included in that label “politicians”) will capitalize on this massive ignorance, and they WILL choose their option to devalue your dollars.
Now here’s the problem.
In order to remain competitive with the rest of the world, it’s estimated the dollar will have to fall ANOTHER 50% for us to remain competitive with the rest of the world.
So by now I guess you’ve guessed what’s coming next is going to be one of the biggest devaluations of our currency that we’ve ever seen! It will be called “Hyperinflation”.
The Fed has already ensured our disastrous currency will continue to fall. As victims of any disaster, you need to plan to your escape route now before its too late.


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Proof that THEY are about to create a disaster

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Tim Turner Republic Update

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The Fed’s accounting change

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And you thought they WEREN’T going to try and FRAUD their way out of this?  How silly of you!


“Creative Accounting” Makes Fed Insolvency Impossible

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/20/2011 09:34 -0500

To all who thought that the FASB gives leeway only to banks when fudging
their numbers, and boosting their equity capital in ways previously
unheard of, we have a surprise. The latest entrant in the “accounting
gimmickry” club is none other than the Fed. And since the Fed is not
auditable by anyone, it gives itself permission to change and bend the
rules in any way it desires. Following on recent speculation that the
Fed could in theory have a equity capital deficiency due to its massive
asset book, and its tiny equity buffer, both discussed many times
previously on Zero Hedge (here and here), the Fed recently announced as
part of its January 6 H.4.1 release “an important accounting policy
change with the release of its weekly H.4.1 report on January 6 that
effectively prevents it from facing a negative capital position even in
the event that it incurs substantial losses.” Here is how Bank of
America’s Priya Misra explains this curious, and most certainly
politically-motivated development: “The Fed remits most of its net
earnings on a weekly basis. Prior to this accounting change, any
unremitted earnings due to the Treasury would accrue in the “Other
capital” account, but will now be shown in a separate liability line
item called “Interest on Federal Reserve notes due to the Treasury.” As
a result, any future losses the Fed may incur will now show up as a
negative liability (negative interest due to Treasury) as opposed to a
reduction in Fed capital, thereby making a negative capital situation
technically impossible regardless of the size of the Fed’s balance sheet
or how the FOMC chooses to tighten policy.” And there you have it:
instead of reducing the left side of the balance sheet upon the
incurrence of losses, the Fed has decided to fudge the right side. And
presto. No more possibility of insolvency ever again. Which only means
that the Fed’s now ridiculous DV01 of just under $2 billion will in no
way prevent the world’s biggest hedge fund from taking proactive steps
to actually mitigate rate risk, and in fact will likely encourage it to
gamble even more with taxpayer capital.

More from Bank of America:

Accounting change prevents a Fed “insolvency” scenario


Mounting concerns about Fed “insolvency” post QE2

The Fed announced an important accounting policy change with the
release of its weekly H.4.1 report on January 6 that effectively
prevents it from facing a negative capital position even in the event
that it incurs substantial losses. The timing of the change is not
coincidental, as politicians and market participants alike have
expressed concerns since the announcement of QE2 about the possibility
of Fed “insolvency” in a scenario where interest rates rise
significantly. These concerns have prompted some observers to suggest
that the Fed may be unable to tighten policy sufficiently once the
economy recovers, since doing so could result in a negative capital
situation and the need for a Treasury “recapitalization,” thereby
compromising the Fed’s political independence.

Fed required to remit profits to Treasury (not build capital)

Since 1947, the Board of Governors has required that the Reserve
Banks remit nearly all net earnings to Treasury. Remittances are roughly
equal to income from loans and securities holdings less operating
expenses, interest paid on depository institutions’ reserve balances,
dividends paid to member banks, and any amount necessary to top up the
Fed’s capital. Fed remittances have surged since late 2008, reflecting
its aggressive balance sheet expansion in the context of nearzero term
interest rates (Chart 1). The Fed could potentially incur losses,
however, if short term rates rose such that the interest paid on bank
reserves exceeded the interest income of the System Open Market Account,
or SOMA portfolio. Similarly, the Fed could face capital losses if it
were to sell securities below their original purchase price (Chart 2).
Note that the SOMA portfolio is not marked to market, but is reported on
a par-value basis each week, so higher yields would only impact Fed
earnings in the context of asset sales.

Accounting change prevents negative Fed capital situation

The Fed remits most of its net earnings on a weekly basis. Prior to
this accounting change, any unremitted earnings due to the Treasury
would accrue in the “Other capital” account, but will now be shown in a
separate liability line item called “Interest on Federal Reserve notes
due to the Treasury.” As a result, any future losses the Fed may incur
will now show up as a negative liability (negative interest due to
Treasury) as opposed to a reduction in Fed capital, thereby making a
negative capital situation technically impossible regardless of the size
of the Fed’s balance sheet or how the FOMC chooses to tighten policy.
There will be no change to the current practice of remitting profits to
the Treasury on a weekly basis, but the Fed will postpone any
remittances if this line item becomes negative. In effect, any losses
will be offset against future Fed remittances to the Treasury. In our
view, this policy appears to be a clever solution to the Fed’s
inability to provision for potential future losses by retaining earnings
today. We expect it to mitigate – though not fully allay – concerns
about Fed solvency.

And the full notification in the January 6 H.4.1 release:

The Board’s H.4.1 statistical release, “Factors Affecting Reserve
Balances of Depository Institutions and Condition Statement of Federal
Reserve Banks,” has been modified to reflect an accounting policy change
that will result in a more transparent presentation of each Federal
Reserve Bank’s capital accounts and distribution of residual earnings to
the U.S. Treasury. Although the accounting policy change does not
affect the amount of residual earnings that the Federal Reserve Banks
distribute to the U.S. Treasury, it may affect the timing of the
distributions. Consistent with long-standing policy of the Board of
Governors, the residual earnings of each Federal Reserve Bank, after
providing for the costs of operations, payment of dividends, and the
amount necessary to equate surplus with capital paid-in, are distributed
weekly to the U.S. Treasury. The distribution of residual earnings to
the U.S. Treasury is made in accordance with the Board of Governor’s
authority to levy an interest charge on the Federal Reserve Banks based
on the amount of each Federal Reserve Bank’s outstanding Federal Reserve

Effective January 1, 2011, as a result of the accounting policy
change, on a daily basis each Federal Reserve Bank will adjust the
balance in its surplus account to equate surplus with capital paid-in
and, in addition, will adjust its liability for the distribution of
residual earnings to the U.S. Treasury. Previously these adjustments
were made only at year-end. Adjusting the surplus account balance and
the liability for the distribution of residual earnings to the U.S.
Treasury is consistent with the existing requirement for daily accrual
of many other items that appear in the Board’s H.4.1 statistical
release. The liability for the distribution of residual earnings to the
U.S. Treasury will be reported as “Interest on Federal Reserve notes due
to U.S. Treasury” on table 10. Previously, the amount necessary to
equate surplus with capital paid-in and the amount of the liability for
the distribution of residual earnings to the U.S. Treasury were included
in “Other capital accounts” in table 9 and in “Other capital” in table 10.

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First Icelandic Banksters Thrown In Slammer

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In Iceland, it would seem that the government regulates the banks.  And so when the banksters misbehave, they go off to the hooskow.

In the United States, the banksters regulate the government, so when the banksters misbehave, our illustrious president simply asks, “how can I help?”

Makes me want to move to Iceland, and I would, if the weather weren’t so awful and it weren’t so hard to get a residence visa there.



2 ex-Landsbanki executives arrested in Iceland in connection with bank’s spectacular collapse

By GUDJON HELGASON, Associated Press

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Two former senior executives with Iceland’s failed Landsbanki bank have been arrested over allegations of market manipulation, the special prosecutor’s office said Friday.

Prosecutor Olafur Hauksson said he had asked that ex-Landsbanki chief executive Sigurjon Arnson and former head of corporate finance Ivar Gudjonsson be detained in connection with investigation into the collapse of the institution. It’s one of several Icelandic banks that failed in 2008 under the weight of enormous debts racked up during the tiny North Atlantic nation’s boom.

The two were brought in for questioning Thursday and remained in custody Friday. A judge at Reykjavik’s district court was due to rule on their continued detention later. Five other Landsbanki executives also were questioned by investigators Thursday, although it was not immediately clear why they were released while the other two were held.

Halldor Kristjansson, who was Arnson’s co-chief executive, also is wanted for questioning and was expected back in Iceland from Canada in the coming days.

Icelanders are still struggling to emerge from the banking collapse that wrecked their economy, sent their currency into a tailspin, and forced out the country’s then-leaders.

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Deadly Destructive Genetic Pollution

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http://jahtruth. net/genet. htm

Deadly Destructive Genetic Pollution

Written by A Truth Soldier

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com

http://docs. thinkfree. com/daniel_ towsey

I think it is time I write a brief article to bring your attention to
this very serious threat.

It is time for everyone to realize what Monsanto and other insane
lunatic NWO Corporations are doing to this once natural and beautiful
planet and all living things.

Which is why “God is crying”
http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2008/ 10/12/god- is-crying/

The known list of horrific crimes against life itself are unlimited as
the ones doing this have no limit to their insanity. They are
completely out of control because the public can no longer impose
limits of reason and justice upon the insane criminal corporate NWO
structure of business.

Ever since the “Creation of first Corporation”
the world has been completely subverted and taken over by self
serving evil secret societies.
http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ creation- of-first- corporation/

Okay go ahead and think the messenger is the insane one.

Will, you will never know truth until you learn to think for your
selves and stop being programmed Sheeple.

Want to know what the first corporation was and how that was the
beginning of the take over of this planet by the insane? Just read my
article with the same title for starters.

We no longer have a society run by the sane and truth loving peoples
of this planet.

Seriously, we now have the insane ruining this planet.

Their insane activities are absolutely over whelmingly frightful and unlimited.

Their (Corporate Minds)
http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ beware-of- the-corporate- mind/

are not limited by money as that is created out of thin air. The
Corporate minds are limited only by their imaginations and then they
only have to follow one course of action to cover up, and legitimize
their criminally insane activities. They just create their beautiful
Corporate images that everyone sees and accepts without ever looking
behind the Corporate image mask.

So now I want you to look beyond the Corporate Mask and remember since
the creation of the first corporation that all governments are now
also privately and secretly controlled corporations.

Democracy, Truth, Justice, and Liberty based “Government of the
people, by the people and for the people” no longer exists.

You can start my reading my article
“The huge learning curve to the forbidden truths”

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ the-huge- learning- curve-to- the-forbidden- truths/

and then read my many other articles of truth. If you are brave, for
only those that seek and speak truth are actually brave. The rest are
just very deadly insane cowards. For haters only hate truth.

So now please think on the present and future consequences of letting
the insane tamper with the very core and fiber of all life on this
planet and then releasing these genetically created self multipling
live organisms on to this planet.

Then creating an out of control genetic pollution that can never be
cleaned up or stopped. The organism will continue to grow and multiple
out of control for ever.

These GMO are completely out of balance with all nature and nature can
not possibly deal with this pollution created by the Frankenstein
laboratory technicians who have no conscience.

Just like the insane who created and then also those who used nuclear
weapons of mass destruction on completely innocent beautiful Japanese

Real humans are an endangered species.

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2008/ 06/01/real- humans-are- endangered- species/

All that remains now are socially engineered humans who have
absolutely no contact with or connection to the natural world. These
humans live in a box, stare at a box, only think about the box so they
can create more box babies.

These artificial humans have been destroying all the natural habitat
for wildlife. Now the wildlife food is running out because these
artificial humans have never respected the natural world. These
artificial humans have and are still destroying all that is natural.

So now these box brains think that the solution to the dwindling food
stocks is not to look at the problems of why but instead to engineer
the fish to grow faster.

That is so stupid and insane. Now the engineered artificial humans are
altering the very DNA of life.

What idiots. Why do they not look at the engineering that as created
artificial people who do not know how to think?

These artificial humans (sheeple) are now unleashing the engineering
that will lead to the very extinction of all life…

These GMO Salmon, corn and everything else is going to alter the
natural evolution of life. What do these box brains think will happen
when the these GMO get into the natural food chain?

Like the dying off of all the bees in the world..These bees are
spreading the GMOs and the bees are dying because of it.

What about the CHEMTRAILING of all our skies, what about the fluoride
acid poison being put into the water that is causing all cancers, What
about all the pharmaceutical drugs you shit and piss into the

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ the-sky-is- not-blue- chemtrails- article/

The list does not end..The simple answer is, there really is a genetic
problem on this planet and that is the brains of the engineered
artificial humans.

So I believe that most peoples of this planet have been socially
engineered to no longer care about truth of any kind and to worry not
about anything but their immediate consumer selfishness.

Will, the Franken foods are going to get you. Just like the McDonalds
foods that never bio-degrade and will still be in your body for ever
as your body also can not break down these foods. Which is why there
is such a huge obesity problem in society now.

Have a read of my “Modern Food” and “How to grow a mushroom” articles

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ modern-food/

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/2008/ 08/23/how- to-grow-a- mushroom/

I guarantee you that your selfish inaction for truth will be the death
of all of us as you have done nothing to seek truth and then expose
the evils and insanity that is lose on this planet.

But now we have genetically created organisms of every kind being
unleashed on this planet. From Mosquitos and flies that carry and
number of genetic diseases for population reduction, which is what the
United Nations World Health Organisations CODEX Alimentarious
eugentics program is about.

Read my “They want you dead is written in stone”
article if you do not believe me.

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ they-want- you-dead- is-written- in-stone/

To agricultural plants that are engineered to create pharmaceutical
drugs. Yes I am not kidding. Like I said earlier the insane are out of
control and have unleashed their GMO pollution on this planet.

Oh and do not stop there. Have a read of my
“The BP Gulf of Mexico Destruction”
to learn more about the GMO that created the disaster.

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ the-bp-gulf- of-mexico- destruction/

I have been researching and writting about the activities of the
insane minds for years.

My articles of truth are scaring most people into running away from
their responsibility of being a good and carring human.

You may think that one person can never make a meaningful change. You
are very wrong. All good things have always started by one enlightened

So please enlighten yourself now..The world needs good people to fight
for truth NOW.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution

Will blossom from the enlightenment”

All this accelerated insanity has happened because of
“Creation of First Corporation” see my article with that title.

http://danieltowsey .wordpress. com/category/ creation- of-first- corporation/

Below I will provide you with some links to articles that will prove
to you what I have written about here is all true.

It is now up to you to get active for truth is an action and truth can
only exist if you act on it.

We need a world wide truth revolution.

Telling the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.
So that is why I am A Truth Soldier. And a revolutionary.

Are you going to join this revolution?

Then arm your selves with the truth and go out and unleash your
weapons of truth. A truth soldier needs to arm themselves with the
most powerful weapon and that is truth.

I will now provide you with some examples and information as the the
insanity of Genetically Modifying Life.


Check out all the folders, files, videos and links at these sites.

http://ca.groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubDocume ntaries/

http://ca.groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClub/

http://groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubHealth<http://../.. /../../TheTruthS oldiersClubHealt h>

http://groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubChemtr ails<http://../.. /../../TheTruthS oldiersClubChemt rails>

Seeds of Destruction

The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl

http://www.globalre books/SoD. html

Sally Davies McDonalds Happy Meal Project: are fast foods not biodegradable

http://www.littleab sally-davies- mcdonalds- happy-meal/ 98413/

20 years and no mold, what are they putting in the food at McDonalds? icunderground. com/discuss/ duboard.php? az=view_all& address=389×4477 553

Why McDonald’s Happy Meal hamburgers won’t decompose – the real story
behind the story

http://www.naturaln Happy_Meal_ decompose. html

Genetic effects of escaped farmed salmon

http://www.bellona. org/aquaculture/ artikler/ Genetic_effects

Genetic Salmon Issues

http://www.metrolic .com/genetic- salmon-issues- 131658/

GE Mosquitoes Soon to be Released in Malaysia

http://www.organicc onsumers. org/articles/ article_22196. cfm

First please watch these videos

Don’t Talk About the Weather com/watch? v=HxNeoXkL0mM

Trillion, chemtrail song: com/watch? v=5–Iq4FPyGU

US Government to Europe: Give This to Your People Or There Will be “Some Pain”

See videos and alot more at this link

http://ca.groups. group/TheTruthSo ldiersClubHealth /message/ 1862

Biggest threat to your future health
On March 11 a new documentary was aired on French television. It is a
documentary most Americans will never see, explaining how the gigantic
biotech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the
agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of

http://articles. sites/articles/ archive/2008/ 05/01/this- company-may- be-the-biggest- threat-to- your-future- health.aspx? source=nl

Consider the case of Bayer Pharmaceauticals
who deliberately dumped a vaccine that was known to be contaminated
with AIDS virus on the European and Latin American market after it
killed people in America. Thousands died from an action that the U.S.
government allowed to happen through the FDA com/watch? v=XS3mhjt7TrY

Everything you HAVE TO KNOW
about Dangerous Genetically Modified FoodsExpert Jeffrey M. Smith,
author of the #1 GMO bestseller Seeds of Deception, and Genetic
Roulette, entertains a wildly appreciative audience with shocking
facts about how genetically modified organisms (GMOs) entered our
lives. Smith links GMO to toxins, allergies, infertility, infant
mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, and death.
Whistleblowers were fired, threatened, and gagged, and warnings by FDA
scientists were ignored. Start today to protect yourself by joining
the Campaign for Healthier Eating in America— a plan that gives the
consumer the power to end the genetic engineering of our food supply.

http://www.seedsofd eception. com/GMFree/ MediaCenter/ VideoandAudioInt erviews/Everythi ngAboutGMOsVideo /index.cfm

Franken Foods < com/watch? v=DG8Y-_p8XSg> com/watch? v=DG8Y-_p8XSg

GMO – Unnatural Selection
British documentary reveals several harsh realities of geneticly
modified world wide
http://video. videoplay? docid=1689607994 872156787

Genetically Modified Corruption of
Life< com/watch? v=PIEIeonrpJQ> com/watch? v=PIEIeonrpJQ

Genetically Modified Food – Panacea or poison? 54
min<http://video. videoplay? docid=5207412505 897358694& q=GMO+duration: long&total= 19&start= 0&num=10& so=0&type= search&plindex= 4>

GMO’s are in 75% of what you eat
whether you like it or not. This film is great if you’re totally new
to the subject. It gives a thorough overview of GMO’s in our food
http://video. videoplay? docid=5207412505 897358694& q=GMO+duration% 3Along&total= 19&start= 0&num=10& so=0&type= search&plindex= 4

The Future of Foods <http://www.informat ionliberation. com/?id=8656>
The Disturbing Truth Behind Genetic Engineering
http://www.informat ionliberation. com/?id=8656

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified
Foods< com/watch? v=94d-KVorSHM> com/watch? v=94d-KVorSHM

The World According to Monsanto <http://wideeyecinem 105>

On March 11 a new documentary was aired on French television (ARTE –
French-German cultural tv channel) by French journalist and film maker
Marie-Monique Robin, The World According to Monsanto – A documentary
that you won’t see on American television. The gigantic biotech
corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural
biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years.
http://wideeyecinem 105

Amid Nanotech’s Dazzling Promise, Health Risks Grow

http://www.aolnews. com/2010/ 03/16/amid- nanotechs- dazzling- promise-health- fears-grow/ 19401235/

Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of
Control<http://f1.grp. v1/0MQsTcLxk0hml JEhWRlKzH18wDVKz 0WkVX1AsiAaQfyIS Kguzms2wqZI789VK MbJ97OphKdpLmFp_ YWxptb_CQ/ Genetics, %20nanotechnolog y,%20cloning/ Bayer%20Admits% 20GMO%20Contamin ation%20is% 20Out%20of% 20Control>

Greenpeace International, Dec 8, 2009 http://www.greenpea
Straight to the Source

Bayer has admitted it has been unable to control the spread of its
genetically- engineered organisms despite ‘the best practices [to stop
contamination] ‘(1). It shows that all outdoors field trials or
commercial growing of GE crops must be stopped before our crops are
irreversibly contaminated.

$2 million US dollar verdict against Bayer confirms company’s
liability for an uncontrollable technology

Greenpeace welcomes the United States federal jury ruling on 4
December 2009 that Bayer CropScience LP must pay $2 million US dollars
to two Missouri farmers after their rice crop was contaminated with an
experimental variety of rice that the company was testing in 2006.

This verdict confirms that the responsibility for the consequences of
GE (genetic engineering) contamination rests with the company that
releases GE crops.

Bayer has admitted it has been unable to control the spread of its
genetically- engineered organisms despite ‘the best practices [to stop
contamination] ‘(1). It shows that all outdoors field trials or
commercial growing of GE crops must be stopped before our crops are
irreversibly contaminated.

A report prepared for Greenpeace International concluded that the
total costs incurred throughout the world as a result of the
contamination are estimated to range from $741 million to $1.285
billion US dollars.(2) The verdict indicates that Bayer is liable for
what could turn out to be a large proportion of these costs, as it
awards damages in the first two of more than 1,000 currently pending
lawsuits. The decision must be used to support all claims for losses
incurred by other US farmers whose crops have suffered from GE

Bayers Defense lawyer, Mark Ferguson as reported in Harris, A. 2009.
Bayer Blamed at Trial for Crops ‘Contaminated’ by Modified Rice.
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http://www.bloomber news?pid= newsarchive& sid=aT1kD1GOt0N0<http://www.bloomber news?pid= newsarchive& sid=aT1kD1GOt0N0 %3E>

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(2) E.N. Blue (2007) Risky Business. Economic and regulatory impacts
from the unintended release of genetically engineered rice varieties
into the rice merchandising system of the US. Report prepared for
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Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food
Posted by Dr. Mercola | March 25 2010

By Jeffrey M. Smith

http://articles. sites/articles/ archive/2010/ 03/25/doctors- warn-avoid- genetically- modified- food.aspx

Genetically Modified Mosquitos http://
http://www.globalresearch. ca/index. php?context= va&aid=22385

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Lawmaker’s new proposal would hit feds with charges

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

These are most likely the kinds of issues which will lead to the multiple civil wars I’ve been predicting for decades, as at first neither the Feds nor the states are going to back down easily.

Here’s the text of the message that was forwarded to me.



(The US was created by the states as their agent …… not the other way around. The tail’s been wagging the dog for waaaaaaay too  long.  Time to shove the federal government back in it’s box!)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Lawmaker’s new proposal
would hit feds with charges
Tells IRS, DEA, BATFE agents to get
authorization for arrests from sheriffs

Posted: January 12, 2011
8:18 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh


The state of Montana, which came up with the idea that the guns made, sold and kept inside its borders simply are exempt from federal regulations and made that its law, now is considering a new weapon that could be used to cancel much of the authority of federal agents over its residents.

A new legislative proposal would declare that the state’s local county sheriffs are the pre-eminent law enforcement authority in their jurisdictions, and federal agents such as those working for the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and others, would be required to get permission from them before they could take any action.

Get a copy of the nation’s rulebook and find out what it really says: “The Constitution of the United States”

The proposal, Senate Bill 114, is called “An act regulating arrests, searches, and seizures by federal employees; providing that federal employees must obtain the county sheriff’s permission to arrest, search, and seize; providing exceptions; providing for prosecution of federal employees violating this act; rejecting federal laws purporting to give federal employees the authority of a county sheriff in this state; and providing an immediate effective date.”

Inside that mouthful of provisions is a requirement that federal agents work through and get permission from sheriffs before taking any action to arrest anyone, seize any object or search anywhere. And it includes a promise of consequences if that is not followed:

“An arrest, search, or seizure or attempted arrest, search, or seizure in violation of [section 2] is unlawful, and the persons involved must be prosecuted by the county attorney for kidnapping if an arrest or attempted arrest occurred, for trespass if a search or attempted search occurred, for theft if a seizure or attempted seizure occurred, and for any applicable homicide offense if loss of life occurred. The persons involved must also be charged with any other applicable criminal offense in Title 45,” the bill explains.

It’s been introduced by state Sen. Greg W. Hinkle, who is from Thompson Falls and represents the state’s District 7.

It’s been developed with the help of the same people who brought up the plan that Montana can, under the U.S. Constitution, exempt from federal regulation guns that are not in “interstate” commerce.

(Story continues below)

That plan caught on so well there already are seven other states that have adopted similar laws, and at least three more states, Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas, already have bills pending for this legislation session. Of course it’s being challenged in federal court, with a review pending now before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. But supporters say they ultimately want a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court itself.

One of the proponents of the new regulation for federal agents is Gary Marbut, of the Montana Shooting Sports Association. He calls the idea the “sheriffs first” legislation.

At a website called Pro-gun, which is run by Marbut, there’s an explanation of the plan.

“This ‘Sheriffs First’ bill would make it a state crime for a federal officer to arrest, search, or seize in the state (Montana in this example) without first getting the advanced, written permission of the elected county sheriff of the county in which the event is to take place. Locally elected sheriffs are accountable to the people and are supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the county, bar none. This bill puts teeth into the expectation that federal agents must operate with the approval of the sheriff, or not at all. It also gives the local sheriff tools necessary to protect the people of his county, and their constitutional rights. There are exceptions in the legislation for ‘hot pursuit,’ U.S. customs and border patrol, corrupt sheriffs, and more.”

Officials with the National Sheriffs Association told WND they were unfamiliar with the plan, nor was it being tracked by the National Conference of State Legislatures yet.

But that was the same way Montana’s Firearms Freedom Act got started, and it now is law in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Alaska and Tennessee. Another 20 states considered their own plans last year but they were not adopted immediately. According to Marbut and the Tenth Amendment Center, South Carolina, Texas and Kentucky are the first states to have begun work on their plans for this session already.

There have been some interesting modifications as that concept has been studied by other states. When Wyoming adopted its Firearms Freedom Act, state lawmakers created a penalty of up to two years in prison and $2,000 in fines for any agent of the U.S. who “enforces or attempts to enforce” federal gun rules on a “personal firearm” in the state.

Marbut said Montana’s new proposal about sheriffs simply takes that idea and expands it to protect the rights of the state’s residents.

The law states its purposes are to ensure maximum cooperation between federal and local law enforcement, ensure that federal agents get the best local knowledge, and “to prevent misadventure affecting Montana citizens and their rights that results from lack of cooperation or communication between federal employees operating in Montana and local law enforcement.”

“A federal employee who is not designated by Montana law as a Montana peace officer may not make an arrest, search, or seizure in this state without the written permission of the sheriff or designee of the sheriff of the county in which the arrest, search, or seizure will occur,” the proposal states.

It provides exceptions for arrests that are on federal land or when a sheriff or associate is under investigation, requiring then that the federal agent obtain permission from the state attorney general.

The law also simply provides that, “pursuant to the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution,” any law “purporting to give federal employees the authority of a county sheriff in this state is not recognized by and is specifically rejected by this state and is declared to be invalid in this state.”

Marbut explained the process would be simple. A federal agent, for example, asking to arrest someone dealing drugs should get this response from the local sheriff: “Good work. Here’s my written permission.”

But he said a federal agent wanting to raid someone for making Montana firearms could be met with the sheriff’s warning that, “That’s protected activity under state law.”

Marbut said the law doesn’t just cover firearms, but virtually every interaction between federal agents and the state’s population.

It’s just the latest wave of challenges to the authority of the federal government, which has expanded over the years to even, in the case of Obamacare, contend that not purchasing anything is a form of interstate commerce that can be regulated by Congress.

For example, in Virginia, lawmakers are considering a type of Firearms Freedom Act, only it would cover all products and services in the state, not just firearms.

Then there is Texas, where lawmakers are looking over a proposal that would specify a penalty of jail time for anyone caught trying to enforce the Obamacare provisions in that state.

The battle also continues over the Firearms Freedom Act concept, with the appeal process under way over the law that would “test the power of Congress to regulate everything without limits under the narrow power given to Congress in the Constitution to ‘regulate commerce … among the states.'”

Supporters of Montana’s law are turning up the heat on the federal government in their fight to push Congress back into the box set up by the “enumerated powers” the U.S. Constitution allocates to Washington.

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