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The Monsanto Evil

This came in reply to a posting I made on another list:


Sorry to intrude as I tend to hang out the wall. Possibly someone has already mentioned it herein, but I read recently that Monsanto has taken a controlling interest in Xe/Blackwater. Utterly surreal, though I have not had opportunity to check the veracity of the statement. There seems no place where one may retire to a gentlemans farm and enjoy a serene life with good homegrown pure foods (and farm critters) without the fascist regulatory hell intruding thereupon. I tend to agree with privateer in regards to sharing lead with the friendly trespassing folks.

> Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 19:49:23 +0000

> Subject: Re: [gsc] this appears to be a crime
> We are moving to contained filtered greenhouses just so we can avoid
> contamination of our seeds. I am beyond pissed about it. We will keep a
> hive in each one just for pollination and to avoid contamination. I expect
> they will outlaw this one day. I regularly see monsatan agents trespassing
> in fields around here looking for violations. I expect the day will soon
> come when we will have to start shooting them.
> > One factor you need to consider is that the GMO crops can and do
> > contaminate the regular ones, making them sterile as well.
> >
> > Not to mention the fact that Monsanto has found just ONE of their GMO
> > plants on a farmer’s property and then fined them hundreds of thousands of
> > dollars, even though it resulted from the above said contamination.
> >
> > Monsanto is almost the definition of an evil, out of control, fascist
> > organization which has the “best government one can buy” in the USSA
> > government.
> >
> >

For the posting on my forum about what this evil corporation is doing elsewhere in the world, go here on my forum:



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