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The [state] Nullification Tour is sweeping the country!

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”      ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

From: rtrsite@aweber.com [mailto:rtrsite@aweber.com] On Behalf Of Restore The Republic!
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 2:37 PM
To: Henry Morgan
Subject: The Nullification Tour is sweeping the country – FIND YOUR EVENT

The [state] Nullification Tour is sweeping the country!

Do you want to know how to stop the Federal Government dead
in it’s tracks? Then you need to attend one of these events
to discover the Constitutional safeguards put in place by
our founders and how YOU can apply them in your state.

These events will reveal How we can roll back Obamacare, cap
and trade, and other unconstitutional expansions of federal
power through nullification How we can address foreign
policy, marijuana, water rights, and other issues through
state-based activity.


-Why the Founding Fathers believed that nullification was the
moderate middle ground, not the road to secession.

-Why the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution gives the states the
power to nullify unconstitutional laws Why states, not the Supreme
Court, should arbitrate disputes between the states and the federal
government over the constitutionality of the federal government’s

When you attend, bring a friend and grow the revolution!

Sponsored by RTR.org, PatriotResponse.com and the Tenth
Amendment Center

Check the dates and locations below to find one near you.

March 5th- Cincinnati – FREE General Admission Tickets

March 19th – Southern New Hampshire University

April 2nd – St. Paul, MN

April 16th – Austin, TX

May 28th – Los Angeles, CA

Spread the brush fires of freedom by forwarding this email!

Sent from the freedom fighters at:

http://RTR.org – RestoreTheRepublic
3149 Dundee Rd #176
Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

From: John Curley [mailto:mayorcurley@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 9:26 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted

Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted


Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted

James Leynse for The New York Times

Julian P. Heicklen at his home in New Jersey on Thursday.

Published: February 25, 2011
Julian P. Heicklen sat silent and unresponsive as his bail hearing began one day recently in federal court in Manhattan; his eyes were closed, his head slumped forward.

Document: The Indictment
Enlarge This Image

Michael Appleton for The New York Times
Distributing leaflets at a courthouse entrance in New York got Julian P. Heicklen, an activist for jury nullification, indicted.

Enlarge This Image

James Leynse for The New York Times
One of the pamphlets Mr. Heicklen was handing out.

“Mr. Heicklen?” the magistrate judge, Ronald L. Ellis, asked. “Mr. Heicklen? Is Mr. Heicklen awake?”

“I believe he is, your honor,” a prosecutor, Rebecca Mermelstein, said. “I think he’s choosing not to respond but is certainly capable of doing so.”

There was, in fact, nothing wrong with Mr. Heicklen, 78, who eventually opened his eyes and told the judge, “I’m exercising my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.”

Indeed, it was not his silence that landed Mr. Heicklen, a retired Pennsylvania State University chemistry professor, in court; it was what he had been doing outside the federal courthouse at 500 Pearl Street.

Since 2009, Mr. Heicklen has stood there and at courthouse entrances elsewhere and handed out pamphlets encouraging jurors to ignore the law if they disagree with it, and to render verdicts based on conscience.

That concept, called jury nullification, is highly controversial, and courts are hostile to it. [*] But federal prosecutors have now taken the unusual step of having Mr. Heicklen indicted on a charge that his distributing of such pamphlets at the courthouse entrance violates a law against jury tampering.

Mr. Heicklen was arraigned on Friday in a somewhat contentious hearing before Judge Kimba M. Wood, who entered a not-guilty plea on Mr. Heicklen’s behalf when he refused to say how he would plead. During the proceeding, Mr.

Heicklen railed at the judge and the government, and called the indictment “a tissue of lies.”

Mr. Heicklen insists that he never tries to influence specific jurors or cases, and instead gives his brochures to passers-by, hoping that jurors are among them.

But he feels his message must be getting out, or the government would not have brought charges against him.

“If I weren’t having any effect, would they do this?” said Mr. Heicklen, whose former colleagues recall him as a talented and unconventional educator. “You don’t have to be a genius to figure this thing out.”
Prosecutors declined to comment on his case, as did Sabrina Shroff, a lawyer who was assigned to assist Mr. Heicklen. (He is acting as his own lawyer.)

He said his activism on nullification dated back to just after he retired in the early 1990s, when he openly smoked marijuana in State College, Pa., to get arrested as a protest against marijuana laws. For this, he was arrested about five times. Mr. Heicklen has said that he otherwise does not smoke marijuana.

Around the same time, he learned about a group called the Fully Informed Jury Association, [ http://fija.org/ ]  which urges jurors to nullify laws with which they disagree. Mr. Heicklen, of Teaneck, N.J., said he distributed the group’s materials as well as his own.

“I don’t want them to nullify the murder laws,” he said. “I’m a big law-and-order guy when it comes to real crime.”

But, he said, there were other laws he wanted to nullify, like drug and gambling laws.

“This is classic political advocacy,” Christopher T. Dunn, associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said of Mr. Heicklen’s pamphleteering. “Unless the government can show that he’s singling out jurors to influence a specific verdict, it’s squarely protected by the First Amendment, and they should dismiss the case.”

But Daniel C. Richman, a former prosecutor who teaches criminal law at Columbia, said there was an interest in ensuring the integrity of the jury process. “The government has to walk a fine First Amendment line bringing these charges,” he said, “but lawless jury behavior is certainly of concern to it, too.”

Mr. Heicklen says that when he stands outside the court, he holds a sign that reads “Jury Info” to draw people to him. “Sometimes they think I’m official,” he said. He answers questions and advises that jurors have the right to nullify.

Jessica A. Roth, a Cardozo law professor and a former prosecutor, said such activities could confuse and mislead jurors, since “the information he’s giving these people is likely to be in direct conflict with the instructions they will receive from a judge if they are jurors in a case.”

Mr. Heicklen, a Cornell graduate, taught for more than 20 years at Penn State, where he was a faculty member known for his innovative methods, former colleagues said.

Mr. Heicklen would bring Penn State dancers, actors and cheerleaders into one course to illustrate molecular vibration and to celebrate scientific discovery. “People talked about this course for years,” Robert Bernheim, a retired professor, recalled.

Barbara J. Garrison, who heads the Penn State chemistry department, called Mr. Heicklen “an enormously creative scientist” who “really liked to think outside the box and sometimes that meant that he ran counter to the establishment.”

About his earlier marijuana arrests, Ms. Garrison said, “He had his own way of doing it, but he was really fighting for people who were in jail that he didn’t think belonged in jail.”

Court records show that before Mr. Heicklen’s indictment last fall, he had been cited at least six times since October 2009 for distributing fliers without a permit at the entrance of the Manhattan federal courthouse. But the violations, which carry fines, do not depend on the content of his message. If convicted of trying to improperly influence jurors, he could face a six-month sentence.

When issued a citation, Mr. Heicklen said, he sometimes intentionally dropped to the sidewalk and had even been taken to local hospitals, where he was examined and released.

In court on Friday, Judge Wood cited a written request by Mr. Heicklen that Muslims be “excluded from the jury” because he was Jewish and “Islam preaches death to Jews.” Because he was charged with a misdemeanor, she said, he was not entitled to a jury trial; and in any case, she said, jurors may not be excluded because of religion.

Mr. Heicklen has extended his protest to suing the government and various hospitals to which he was taken after being issued citations and falling to the ground.

“Plaintiff Heicklen,” he said in one suit, “has become an angry man.”

[* Courts hostile to it….yep.  Controversial?  bunk! Courts have admitted over and over that jurors have the right to judge the law as well as the facts.  However, the courts have also ruled that citizens are expected to know their rights….therefore courts will not allow the defense to tell the jury that they have the right to nullify the law no matter what the judge says.
(See William Penn Heresy Case here:  http://fija.org/2008/09/03/jury-rights-day-press-release-please-share/ )

Being a juror is the one place where the citizen gets to exercise oversight over all three branches of the government he owns.

If he doesn’t like the law his legislator employees created…he can vote not guilty.  If he doesn’t like the way his Judicial branch employees are running the trial or applying the law….he can vote not-guilty.  If he thinks the cops or prosecutor, his executive branch employees, violated the defendant’s rights ….. he can vote not-guilty.   In fact, he can vote not-guilty for any damned reason he likes….and owes no one an explanation as to why he voted not-guilty.  The juror can prevent the government from enforcing a bad law, or punishing a fellow citizen wrongly….but only in the particular case before that particular jury.

However, when many jurors, in many cases, vote not-guilty in cases where there is a bad law….the law changes…..because legislators, cops, and prosecutors start to look stupid….by prosecuting violations of laws they can’t get convictions for.

America has a rich history of jury nullification of bad laws.

For example:  The inability of northern prosecutors to get convictions in cases where people harbored runaway slaves…..in violation of the runaway slave laws…..are often credited as the nexus that was the beginning of the end for slavery in America.  The jurors nullified the Runaway Slave Laws by finding those charged with breaking them….not-guilty.

Oversight of their government, and the power of mercy, are among those responsibilities and powers that were NOT delegated to the government but were instead, retained by the people…to be exercised when they sit as jurors as a final check on government abuse of power. ]

From: Ross [mailto:rcurro@tampabay.rr.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 8:53 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Active ‘Patriot’ Groups in the United States in 2010 | Southern Poverty Law Center

And Now…..A word from the commies.


From: gloria wiggins
Sent: Feb 28, 2011 3:05 PM
To: undisclosed recipients@null, null@null


Everyone needs to see this… EVERYONE…

This is a shocking clip from CBN News in Paris.

They’ll never show this on mainstream media in the US – until the PC Police stops blocking such information.

http://downloads.cbn.com/cbnnewsplayer/cbnplayer.swf?aid=17933  (5 min video)

Are you and your familly getting forced, brain chemotherapy without your knowledge or consent?

From: Ross [mailto:rcurro@tampabay.rr.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 1:24 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Fluoride

13 Min. Shocker.


People Intending To Live In Liberty do not allow legislators – or other public officials within These United States of America, to enter into contracts with collective bargaining units. They exercise citizen sovereignty to protect their property.

~~~ Len Ritchey


Do your part and forward this to everyone you know. WE THE PEOPLE are the new media!

“We have a greater moral responsibility to act than those who live  in  ignorance. Once you become knowledgeable you have an obligation to do something about it.””

~~~  http://www.campaignforliberty.com

If you really want to restore individual liberty and prosperity to America,

the three most important books for you to read are:

The Miracle on Main Street  by F. Tupper Saussy

A Caveat Against Injustice by Roger Sherman

Prosperity Restored by the State Rate Tax Plan  by Edward Ellison and William Kurowski

Buy them here today!:  http://www.bookfinder.com/

For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and provide for it.  ~  ~ ~ Patrick Henry

The Rebirth  of the American Revolution is growing …….

here:  http://fija.org/
here:  http://jpfo.org/
here:  http://www.nota.org/
here:  http://gunowners.org/
here:  http://www.jail4judges.org/
here:  http://oathkeepers.org/oath/
here:  http://www.wagthedog2010.com/
here:  http://www.liberty2010.org/realid/
here:  http://www.restoretherepublic.com/
here:  http://www.committeesofsafety.org/
here:  http://www.campaignforliberty.com/
and here:   http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/

Is real money coming back?
Find out at: http://www.CurrencyAlert.US

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