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Descent into Fascism – taxed on no income

And the State of Britain descends yet further into the banker grab of everything you ever owned … and everything you might get in the future, and your children’s future, and any of their childrens’ futures … And now they’ve pretty much got all of that, they’re coming to tax you on the income you DIDN’T receive, and upon which you have NO LEGAL RIGHT to ever receive …

“Despite mounting criticism from the tax profession and business leaders, HMRC is indicating that it is going to push ahead with the controversial changes in tax legislation introduced in draft form on 9 December last year. It has been dubbed “the tax on fresh air” because, for the first time in the history of UK taxation, income tax will be levied on individuals in respect of employment income or benefits which have not actually been received from the employer and, indeed, may never be received. The legislation, as drafted, specifically states that the tax charge will still arise even if the employee has no legal right to any money or other benefit from the employer.”


Everything you’ve got is not enough for these greedy bastards; now they want everything you have no legal right to, also.

If it wasn’t so sick, it would be hilarious.

Join the lawful rebellion against banker occupation – 26th March 2011:

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